Thoughtful posting, and very reasonable!

Today's WSJ reported on "Vanderbilt’s Bold Stand for ‘Neutrality,’" which sent me back to the "Chicago Principles" and, in general, our responsibility to learners for helping them to figure out how to surface their own values and how to think for themselves.

Have you covered this topic before and, if so, would you please guide me to your writings on it?

Thank you.

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Thank you so much for the insights, Professor Galea!

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"Reason is, and ought only to be, the slave of the passions." David Hume

Hi Sandro, thanks for this plea for reasonableness..perhaps defined as a sociable form of reason-a form of reason that is tempered in its humanity. It's important to note this because it is possible that people might read your comments as a way to avoid emotion in how we think, to see if as a plea to be dispassionate. I start with the quote from Hume because, to the contrary, i think it's important to recognize that all reason is founded on our feelings. The challenge is not to be be devoid of emotion-to be as Spock struggled to present himself- but to be wise in how we understand our emotions and live in and with them. The really hard question about human existence isn't consciousness, it's why we care. It is that caring that makes all the difference. Even Spock cried.

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A silver lining that you missed is highlighting the importance of intention that shape our notion in being reasonable so that we should not just appear to be reasonable and not being genuinely reasonable. Something that is overlooked and blurred by our own set of experiences that we gather in life that may be reasonable to us but cannot be generalized to other people. As the Public health machinery is driven by social determinants that is different from one society to another and not same and so are the differences of its effects on a person for eg. racism that international students face is a menace to them till the time they are part of the country they are studying but not the same in there own country. Any action taken under the influence of racism in implicit or explicit manner may be reasonable to existing social notion of the country at the moment but not the same in the students own country. In regards to public health institutions and effort is concerned mental health of an individual should be kept in mind whether forcing an action on a person.

Also it is important to be reasonable to the situation for making it a success by chalking out all possible options to make a person and institution succeed and not to escape the situation by appearing reasonable only individually. Thus doing justice with the term reasonable. For explaining the same better I would like you to share an example that we both can relate well. Asking a student to change the track of chosen program over one deficient grade when the student is about to graduate in the next 4 months is certainly not rational and not fitting well with the definition and understanding of what being reasonable is and its possible negative consequences on the mental health of a student. Please try to think over the same. It will shape you better as a leader.

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