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Great insights, Professor Galea! I've been reading the books written by Alfred North Whitehead, and he talks about risk as challenging the unknown, conquering the object world with courage and imagination. Both change and creation are the result of taking risk. Our growth and social progress require creation and development. Therefore, life and civilization cannot live without risk. We say that science and technology are the primary productive forces. In fact, science and technology are risks to the human spirit. I think science and technology itself is a risk, because it strives to peek into the mysteries of the universe and change the structure of the objective world. Science may also create risks. From the perspective of civilization progress, the role of science and technology is not so much to create material civilization, but to introduce us into a situation where we need to constantly face risks, so that our spirit dare not have the slightest slack, we must always keep alert and imagination. These are some of my thoughts.

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