Join me for The Healthiest Goldfish Conversations

During National Public Health Week, I will host five open Zoom meetings across different time zones to discuss current events and what is shaping our health.

Dear Reader,

The Healthiest Goldfish is now 8 weeks old. During that time, many have engaged with the conversation about the issues that shape health, in the COVID moment and beyond. It has been most enjoyable to hear from you, to learn from your reflections. While we send the newsletter on Saturdays, we are reaching out today to extend to you a special invitation.

April 5—11 is National Public Health Week. At that time, we will host a series of Healthiest Goldfish Conversations. From Monday through Friday, there will be an hourlong Zoom event each day, across multiple time zones, where we will discuss the most pressing questions of the moment. What are the lessons of the COVID-19 pandemic? How do they apply in a post-COVID world? I will be sharing my thoughts, but, most of all, I would like to hear yours. I hope you will consider joining a conversation, on whatever day works best for you. If you would like to attend, please register using the following links:

Monday, April 5

Tuesday, April 6

Wednesday, April 7

Thursday, April 8

Friday, April 9

I remember last year’s NPHW—it feels so long ago—when our main concern was learning about the novel coronavirus, in the hope of stopping its spread. We now have had a year to absorb the lessons of the virus. This NPHW, our central focus should be asking how we can apply these hard-won lessons towards the creation of a healthier world. This is also the central focus of The Healthiest Goldfish. Thank you for your engagement, as we work towards a healthier future, one conversation at a time.